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Pinegg: pinhole camera made from a egg

How to make a Matchox Pinhole Camera - Eduard Piel

I’ve been attempting to speak visually since about 2006. Over the past several years I’ve shot with many toy cameras, Polaroid, 35mm, medium format and digital cameras. The vast majority of my photography is now captured with a very old Hasselblad 500c, a medium format pinhole camera, and a DSLR. All of my post process work is done in Lightroom" ~ thespeak (Erik)

AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHY: Children's action adventure (Pic) | Daily Dawdle

AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHY: Children's action adventure (Pic) | Daily Dawdle


Learning the Methods of Focus in Photography

{Camera Tip} Learn Methods of Focus for Sharp Images {via}

Fracture's Awesome Infographic of Photography Mistakes to Avoid! (Plus 58 more tips on the site!)

✯ Pinhegg, Created by Francesco Capponi, is a pinhole camera crafted from an eggshell. The “camera” is only good for one shot and must be sacrificed in order to reveal the image. Learn how to build your own Pinhegg by Cicking on the Photo ✯

from simple as that

My Photography Essentials

A peek at what's inside my camera bag. My list of photography essentials.