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    Homemade Wasp Trap

    • Gina Salmaci

      Good idea especially if u have children! Homemade wasp and bee trap. I'm allergic so I am definately going to try this.

    • Katie Dabb Cook

      Homemade Wasp Trap. Seriously.... All these ideas with 2 liter bottles. All most wishing I hadn't given up most soda.

    • Kae Davis

      Homemade Wasp Trap made from #recycled soda pop bottle clever idea for gardeners

    • Wendi Jo

      BUG KILLER: Wasp Trap. I hate wasps....bees can take care of pollenating

    • Jill Jennings

      An idea I'm definitely going to try! Prairie Story: Homemade Wasp Trap

    • Kirsten Kelley

      Prairie Story: Homemade Wasp Trap Sounds like a good idea to me :)

    • Cindy Greenwood

      Homemade Wasp Trap - Love this DIY idea.

    • Molly LaBonte

      Homemade Wasp Trap #WaspTrap

    • Nars Jackson

      Homemade Bug Trap

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    way to get rid of wasps!

    Ant Poison - I wish I had learned about this years ago! It's cheap, easy, fast and it WORKS!

    Keep this in mind if you start seeing lots of spiders around your place. Natural spider killer or preventer... take one cup of vingar, one cup of pepper, a teaspoon of oil and liquid soap. Put it into a spray bottle and spray along the outside of your outside door and along windows; refresh after it rains.

    Fly repellent - pinner said "I had to repin this again for you to see. YES IT WORKS! Oh my, it looks hokie but our temps have been upper 90's and no flies in my back yard have been spotted. I spoke with a women who grew up on a dairy farm and she swears by it. She said they used 5 pennies. Go figure."

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    Homemade Wasp Traps

    Natural Wasp Deterrent Turn your deck or patio into a no-fly zone with these imitation wasp nests. Research has demonstrated that wasps are territorial and avoid other nests. Hang in a protected area under roof eaves or on a porch. Works for camping and picnicking too. Just hang and enjoy a wasp-free meal! No chemical sprays needed Hang 4-12 feet from outdoor living area and 6-8 feet above the ground This sounds crazy to me but with 256 reviews it got 4 out of 5 stars. go figure

    Hang imitation wasp nests to deter wasps from building nests nearby. Might be worth a try.

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    MUST REMEMBER! With 2/3 Vinegar & 1/3 water! Just spray on windows and ice will melt away! Totally making a bottle of this for this winter!

    Keep wasps and bees away this summer. Put about 10 cloves in 1/2 a lemon and set out. They do not like the scent. Cut off the ends so they sit flat.

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    Fly trap

    Simply pour 2 cups of CLUB SODA directly in the center of a fire ant mound. The carbon dioxide in the water is heavier than air and displaces oxygen which suffocates the queen and the other ants. The whole colony will be dead within about two days. Each mound must be treated individually and a one liter bottle of club soda will kill 2 to 3 mounds.

    Fill container with vinegar, sugar and salt to trap wasps... I'll be placing these around the yard this year! ... I have been telling people this trick for years! :D