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Hearing with a cochlear implant: Paola’s story Paola Fidalgo is finally able to hear her family thanks to a cochlear implant, or artificial hearing device implanted in her ear. Before the cochlear implant, Paola was unable to hear a door slam, but now is asking her mom to turn down the radio in the car because it’s too loud. Hear her story and learn how a cochlear implant has changed her life and offered new hope.

This children's picture book illustrates the process of how Abby gets a cochlear implant. Abby, who wears purple hearing aids, has a progressive hearing loss and her family chooses a cochlear implant for her. The story goes on to describe hearing testing, cochlear implants and the steps a family would take to explore this option of habilitation for their child who has hearing loss.

Video to help understand hearing loss and hearing impairment by explaining how hearing works. Cochlear implants can help children and adults with hearing loss.

Boy hears for the first time with cochlear implant and breaks into tears after talking to his family in Guatemala via skype

Cochlear Implant Online is so excited to host another giveaway contest!  Mary Beth Goodwin, a mom of two very adorable children with cochlear implants, is an amazing designer and has created a great selection of iPhone covers with cochlear implant r