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  • Sharon Herring

    Old Barn in Texas surrounded by Bluebonnet Beauty!

  • Tracey Vito

    Awesome old barn, surrounded by Texas bluebonnets

  • Cindy Range

    Old Barn, bluebonnets and barbed wire. Looks like somewhere in the Hill Country.

  • Megan Cox

    Old tin barn, bluebonnets & barbed wire!!

  • AJ Karp

    Texas-so many of these old country homes are deteriorating. I always wonder who lived there and their stories. It won't be long that most of these old farmhouses will collapse, nothing remaining to remember the families who lived there, but maybe a bunch of trees that were planted so long ago! shg

  • Shelly Hilliard McCloud

    old barn in the heart of Texas with lots of blue bonnets. Proud to be a Texan!

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I am sure this old barn was a grist mill at one point. What an amazing setting!

rustic barn.....with those AMAZING native bluebonnets in Texas!

I wish I could get this image in a print, it would hang in my home for sure. Evokes the snuggly feeling I want in my Home.

Reminds me of Mendocino and my son growing up in the beachy grasses

I want to be in a place like this. I just think it'd make my life so much enjoyable if I had prettier surroundings :)

Sometimes I wish I could wake up in a place like this. Away from the internet. From worries, meetings, school, people in general. Surrounded by nature. And that amazing breeze. (':

Texas Bluebonnets and Sam's Springhouse, Independence, Texas

CD grabbing me on a Sunday - and for winter which I never want for long; love this man's multi interests and eye for all that is beautiful; a virtual library of good taste and stimulation.

For some reason reminds me of the scene when ToTo jumps out of the basket on the back of Dorothy's bike!! :o)