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Skinny Ms.from Skinny Ms.

7 Day Ab Challenge

7 Day Ab hurts! repin now, look later

Fitness Magazinefrom Fitness Magazine

Defy Gravity: Your Butt-Sculpting Workout Plan

Butt exercise: Targets gluteus maximus and hamstrings. Lie facedown on floor with head on folded arms, squeezing a 1-pound dumbbell or rolled-up towel behind bent left knee, foot flexed. Tuck pelvis to flatten out low back. Lift bent left leg a few inches off floor; lower. Do 20 reps. Switch sides, repeat

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Dear Fat Burn in Hell Women's Workout Tank Teal

Fitness Inspiration

Sassy water to boost weight loss- 2L water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10-12 mint leaves. Steep overnight in fridge and drink every day!

Women's Healthfrom Women's Health

Your Body Type, Your Workout

Cool site on Women's Health that let's you pick your body type: pear, straight, curvy or athletic and gives you the fitness and meal plans for your body type to get bikini ready in just 6 weeks!

This is pretty cool - click on body part you want to exercise and it will give you a plan!

CalorieBeefrom CalorieBee

Military Diet: Lose Up to Ten Pounds in Three Days

The Military Diet.....maybe good cleanse after the holidays. Three days on/ four days off sounds like a diet anyone could handle

Shape Magazinefrom Shape Magazine

The 10 Best Exercises for Women

Tone up for your two-piece with competitive beach volleyball player Nora Tobin. Via Shape Magazine. #fitness #workout #exercise