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Law school...but we had no internet!!!

(-) the internet (I take hand notes suckas! (+) time spent laughing about what the last person said = pretty accurate.

Law School Life

life of a law student

Reasons to Become a Lawyer

The "Lawyered" section needs to be much bigger

Been there!

Been there!

this happens in the paralegal course I took too! Only it was page numbers not word count.

You Know You're a Law Student When.

"Is he cute..?  Or just 'law school cute'..?"

Or just 'law school cute'.or maybe just "brooklyn law school cute.

Finals, anyone?

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I get this feeling even talking to law students.

Law Student Problems- No truer words have been spoken!

sometimes, this is really the only reason i don't commit an intentional tort...

You know you're a law student when.

You know you are a law student when...

You Know You're a Law Student When.

So true!

Story of my life! Thank G for Adobe products.

ha law school = jurassic park

A walk in Jurassic Park

Law School -- pick one and expect to fail at it

Feels very true sometimes! But cheer up, it's the same for every vet student ever!

You know you are a law student when...

"You know you are a law student when. you get a cold and think: "if only I was using the carbolic smoke ball, I could get

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Me in employment law the other day

My Fashion Felicity: #lawstudentproblems

I may not be a law student by high school teachers and a pretty good equivalent.