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Brian Holden + khaki pants = 0.o dear lord

Day 22: Brian Holden. Care to comment? Not really. I guess if I followed him more on social media I probably would have something to say, but I really don't.

I wish I could just clap and make Brian Holden appear...and I tried. Doesn't work. FALSE ADVERTISING STARKID, FALSE I SAY!

Brian Holden, best Superman ever

Day 22: Brian Holden. Care to comment? Well I don't think he's super attractive, but he's nice enough. He's a great actor and a great singer, and just sooooooo funny!!

Brian Holden makes me love Lupin even more

Day 2: Favorite male StarKid. Brian Holden. Derp. I have a slight obsession...

Um, this is one of Superman's friends. I'll get Superman. Yo, Supes! Phone for you. Thanks... Snoopdog. Ahhh! I love Brian Holden.

Brian is looking at makeup...totally normal behavior for a starkid... I kinda can't get over how funny this is :)