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Absolutely true

Quote by Oscar Wilde: I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person

michelle obama relationship advice

“Do not bring people in your life who weigh you down. And trust your instincts… Good relationships feel good. They feel right. They don’t hurt. They’re not painful. That’s not just with somebody you.

Vivir es la cosa mas rara del mundo.  La mayoria de las personas solo existen, eso es todo. -Oscar Wilde


"You're not alive unless you're living. You need to make the most of your live, work hard & all your hopes will come TRUE. Too many people like myself get content with life. if only we had more hope & motivation!

I love that. Get your guns out - i.e. books!

"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality." Great quote for a tattoo! alice in wonderland tattoo

7 Oscar Wilde Quotes | Yeah! Mag - Your Daily Magazine

7 Oscar Wilde Quotes

7 Oscar Wilde Quotes - Never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary

Lauren Conrad

Even though I've never been that in to Lauren Conrad "LC," I do like this quotation. "You can never make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it is no longer a mistake, it is a choice.

A List of the 27 Most Memorable #Oscar #Wilde #Quotes

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes" – Oscar Wilde (Lady Windermere's Fan)

"I don't need no water, let the motherf---er burn. Burn, motherf---er, burn!"

May the bridges I burn light the way. This is a powerful quote. I don’t advocate burning bridges just to burn them, but sometimes it’s best to cut all ties. Tactically burn bridges and use them as learning experiences for future endeavors.

Why reunions are so special. It's the end of missing someone. Why saying goodbye is so hard. Because its the start of missing someone.

not bad advice

" Never leave the house in sweats. A girl must be prepared to meet a dashing stranger or old enemy. Can't leave the house looking a hot mess, be presentable!