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  • Annika Maria

    Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus mactans). Potentially fatal. Range: warm regions of USA

  • Leah Gloudemans

    BLACK WIDOW SPIDER (L. hesperus) - color: black with red hour glass on belly- web: crisscross pattern with tunnel for female to hide during daytime - bite is painful immediately and causes headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, painful stomach spasms - in children or adults in poor health, death occurs within 12-32 hour from asphyxia

  • Chase Wheaton-Werle

    Black widows are not fuzzy spiders. They are sleek and shiny and smooth. Plump, bulbous abdomen with long pointy legs.

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The dark queen of the macro world. The ruthless weaver of silken skies. The weak fear her for her precision. Eight swords move coherently to allow her to strike without warning. Two hollow daggers that she holds in her mouth allows a quick kill of her prey. In most she inflicts dread and nightmares but in me, she embodies all that is real in darkness. She, my bride in Sheol, is the spider.

This is what a black widow spider looks like. Give this discription to the ER so they know what anti-venom to give you.

Black Widow spider. Considered the most venomous spider in North America. #Nature #Spiders

Most likely not a black Widow, since they're marked on the bottom. Heart shopped? More research.

Viuda negra=black widow spider=the widow maker ha

Spiders.....we have a bunch of these beauties in our yard. I love having them around the house. They are wonderful, lovely and keep our yard bug free, but hitting one of thier thick webs while mowing the lawn turns me into an instant ninja! :) ~K

Nice Black Widow Spider photos | Big Bob's Big Bug Blog-Image by Peter Baer One of the largest black widow spiders I’ve ever come across. dime placed purely to show scale.

Black Widow Spider -- had the pleasure of meeting one at work. Ugly little things, with stiletto feet.

One of the most commonly known spiders for her poison, and she's still as beautiful as they come.