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    printable truck pattern cards for preschoolers the measured mom 1024x1024 Printable pattern cards for preschool and kindergarten: Trucks!

  • Sara G

    printable truck pattern cards for preschoolers the measured mom 150x150 Free Printables

  • Early Childhood Education Zone

    Love this idea for a transportation theme! #mathcenters #transportation truck patterns - The Measured Mom

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I was out of tricks to keep my kids well behaved in the hallways. Then I tried this...

Homemade kinetic sand- Squishy, mold-able, & lots of fun! Why waste your money on the store bought stuff when you can easily make this recipe at home!

Create a photo book of famous structures from around the world to use in your block center. Great for kindergarten, preschool, and homeschool classrooms! Includes a link for a free 30-page structure book!

Keep your colored paper in hanging filing folders to keep them neat. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

Like this idea for class library. I've been wanting to do this with all of my beanie babies!

Make a bird's nest out of a kiddie pool, brown paper packaging, and paper from the paper shredder. | Creekside Learning

What’s in the Preschool Box? AN HOUR TO SORT THROUGH THE BOX AND DO WAHTEVER THEY LIKE. I LIKE THE SENSORY BOX, TWEEZERS, SPOONS, CUPS,ETC. Good activity for when Olivia naps. Have an hr to do this if they don't want to nap. otherwise can lie down, etc. {Week 1} some great ideas on here!

Midline March. Crossing Midline: What is it and activities to help in child development.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Activities for the Olympics

Easy steps for making paper with kids (with a printable "recipe" card to file away for later), from

3 Ingedient Taste Safe Cloud Dough Recipe from PowerfulMothering... Includes a nifty new way to make it! Great for toddlers, spd, OT

AMAZING lava lamp sensory bags. These are easy to make and allow kids to explore in a variety of ways. Learn colors, explore the Science of liquids, create fun works of art, and engage in sensory play in a mess free way. There is no clean up with these and the FUN never ends.

Make your own floam using broken crayons! This dough is light and moldable and can be made in less than 15 minutes!

Cinnamon & Ginger cloud dough or moon dough for sensory play

Science Discovery Bins from Fun at Home with Kids

Super easy no-cook naturally dyed fingerpaints for babies or toddlers - and it's taste-safe! From Fun at Home with Kids

FIZZY MUD- this stuff is easy to make and SO FUN! I mean, what could be cooler than a fizzing dinosaur world? Or snake swamp? Or mud pie ...

Make Your Own Sensory Steps

The best homemade play dough recipes for kids

Cute and easy snowman craft! - kids could tape it to their bedroom door as their own personally Christmas decor'

Toilet paper tube snowmen with earmuffs made out of pipe cleaners and pom poms-Made these with my 2 and 4 year old. They really liked doing it! I had to do the earmuffs because we were having trouble getting them to stick. I also had to tie the ribbon but they loved gluing the rest and painting the toliet paper tube white!

Amazing two ingredient "ice cream" dough for fabulously fun sensory play- it's cold and looks just like ice cream! (Such a fun way for kids to keep cool this Summer)

Melting Ice Castles -- This preschool science experience was Inspired by my students' love of "Frozen". Perfect for a fairy tale them, or just because!

Valentine Sensory Bin made with materials from the Dollar Tree

Cheerio Bird Feeders... these look so cute!