guest bedroom? gray walls with blue, gray, green accents. combo of our black and brown furniture. Maybe a winner?

Cade's room

Great example of how nature is a great scholar of how and what colors work together. Can you see how the palette on the right could be adapted for use in a home interior?


beach tones

flora tones. according to feng shui, this would go in the center of the house, seems good enough :)

purr tones

shades of blue and gray - that dark blue is the color of my dining room, with white trim, drapery, and accessories. Gorgeous!

Bathroom? Kitchen?

beached tones


"rock color" color inspiration ... moss infused palettes of stone, taupe, and grays.

peacock blues

tones of spring

frozen tones

river mist

iced tones

tree tones


more planted tones

Nice bathroom colors