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Reading, England - August 28th, 2014: A woman exits the Reading branch of Lloyds Bank as other people pass by. The UK Treasury owns 25% of Lloyds after a 20bn bailout during the 2008 financial crisis - stock photo

A concerned group of New York-based citizens, professionals, artists and activist groups staged a protest vs Wells Fargo's corporate headquarters for crimes against the American public. From setting up bogus accounts, to illegally repossessing 413 American solider's cars, to firing 5,300 employees coerced to engaging in fraud against bank customers, and the list of fraud and crime is endless.

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20 Simple Hacks To Save Money For Travel Quickly

In 2013 she borrowed money from relatives and the bank to fix up her shop and purchase seven new sewing machines. She also hired five employees to do contract work for larger companies but she was losing money and struggling to stay in business. Vinh was not trained in business management and her employees werent trained so there were many faults and mistakes in the products they produced. She spent a lot of her time fixing these mistakes and was not able to serve her own local customers…

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The 5 'W's of Customer Service

Excellent customer service will set your establishment apart from your competitor. By investing your time and your money in bringing the best customer service produces the results you're looking for in the end. This picture drew my attention.

Dozens of complaints coming out of Michigan about JP Morgan Chase bank summarily closing bank accounts of Muslim and Arab-Americans.  The customers claim they received letters from the bank, saying their bank accounts were a "risk" (JPMC provided no further explanation about that) and their accounts would be closed in 10 days.  The Michigan chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed a complaint with the Treasury Department, alleging discrimination based on religion…

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank the first in the industry launched Micro message lightning financial management functions, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank customers through Micro message, only 1 seconds to complete the funds between the current account and open financial products into or out of. Photo taken on February 2, 2014, in Chongqing.

Flat Lays are a combination between lifestyle and product photography. It gets the products away from the boring white background and shows your product in a setting without involving any people. It’s a more interesting way to see your brand and the products it sells, plus customers love flat lays. Instagram and Pinterest are full of bloggers and brands using the flat lay to beautifully display products, outfits, their breakfast and whatever else you can think of and making big bank off of…