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Self Portrait Template, i love this!
A great way to celebrate spring! This rustic twig frame is a great afternoon crafts project for the kids and is really cheap. They are twigs, people! It's time for some spring in our homes
Self-Portrait Templates
FREE PRINTABLE MOODBEAR - Great for discussing emotions! Draw faces on the back of the face slip to talk about facial features.
The Way I Feel: Helping your little one with their emotions ~ Simply Sprout
Self portrait using bits of scrap and materials
Self-portrait blowing bubbles - with wooden balls that are flat on one end!  Cuuuute idea.
"As a kinder and 1st project we read the book The Dot.  A cute story about a little girl who discovers art  through a simple series of dot paintings.  The students were able to paint their own dot, or not-a-dot, with watercolors.  This was a nice simple opportunity for students to use paints and learn the expectations for using watercolors.  Ask them why brushes don't like bad hair days!"
bonita mariposa
A small not mounted rubber stamp of a primitive simple bear face peering from the paper edge.  The stamp is caved from quality rubber by hand. The