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  • Pat Tennant

    Can you spot the artist?

  • Bonnie Harmston

    the outstanding collaboration between French street artist JR and Chinese contemporary artist Liu Bolin, aka the Invisible Man, in New York City

  • Lorenzo Donzelli

    #camouflage #liubolin

  • Amy Wong

    Hiding In Plain Sight Liu bolin hiding in the city

  • Mel Li

    Liu Bolin - "Camouflage art" ...In 2007, his advanced camouflage art exploded onto the art scene as we were all left speechless, scratching our heads at how body paint could seamlessly blend a person into their background. With a team of two assistants, Bolin paints onto his clothes and then spends hours positioning himself in front of backdrops until he's virtually invisible.

  • Jenny Strasser

    human optical illusion

  • Sue Ellery

    Liu Bolin, the Invisible Man, amazingly well camouflaged against soft drinks bottles

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Liu Bolin - The Invisible Man. Bolin paints himself and others into the surroundings creating the illusion of transparency. He says his art is a protest against the actions of the Government, who shut down his art studio in 2005 and persecutes artists. It’s about not fitting into modern society

Urban Mimics by Liu Bolin

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Hiding in the City No. 16 & 17 People's Policeman, 2006

Meet the Real Life Invisible Man

'Chinese artist Liu Bolin has become world renowned for his camouflage art. Liu uses a team of two assistants to paint the camouflage onto him to make him invisible, and each photograph can take up to ten hours to set up. In some cases, Liu has his assistants paint his body and then he remains extremely still until an unsuspecting passer-by happens to walk past." Caption at link