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When you get the sense that your “friends” and “loved” ones are sending you subtle messages on the board: | The 22 Easiest Ways To Destroy Any Friendship

What do you mean by, 'I can't believe you drank that whole bottle of wine by yourself?' What else are you supposed to do once it's opened?

Lets get drunk, make mistakes and blame it on the alcohol.

So my son!!

So very me!

The Best Grey’s Anatomy Memes, only like a few of these, basically the Shonda ones

funny ecards for him|funny ecards about work|funny ecards about men ...


So true

Yep, I have those days.....

These e-cards about weight and diet are all over the place.

bahaha! I actually know a few different people this could apply to. I'm such a bitch for being so passive aggressive about it though. I'm sure somewhere, someone will write some huge facebook rant about it and I'll never see it or care about it. What a pity.

well, shopping is kind of expensive, so...

Everytime I get over my hate for you in work, you do something new that makes me want to push you in front of a bus.

9 out of 10 times when i lose something, it's because i put it away

Hahaha!!! I'm not sure about being a better person but I'd definitely be wayyyyy more relaxed! Lol


Hahaha true story! Hope everyone is having a grrrrrrrrreat day!!! #oldschooltexting #funnystuff

So true! HaHaHaHaHa.This made me roar. The apt. dryer broke last week and we had no underwear, nothing decent to put on and a heat wave to boot. My arthritis was too bad to do the laundry by hand and dry it indoors. Don't laugh. You'll be old one day.

My favorite winter activity is going back inside and putting my pajamas on. #Funny #humor

Sorry I'm Pinning all this naughty stuff today, but dang it's making laugh! It's all true!!

The Most Awesome eCard's... Think you've seen all the eCard's around? Bet you haven't seen these!! A collection of hilarious-ness awaits!

It's a shame that some people have no idea their grammar is so terrible. It drives me crazy!

Working in customer service ... #ecard #humor For more quotes and jokes, check out my FB page: