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Organize and Separate Fishing Hooks With Safety Pins

BOTTLE CAP FISHING LURE (RATTLES). This is what men would do if men craft days existed but they don't

‎"Put sinkers in old Tic-Tac containers. The flip-top aids in dispensing them." - Tip from North American Fishing Club Member Owen Bucher from Harleysville, PA

Fishing knot - because I never remember knots without constant refreshers

RIGGING GUIDE Learn how to rig your favorite Gulp!, Gulp! Alive!, and PowerBait soft baits for a variety of different techniques.

Grog's index of fishing knots : Move the mouse over each knot. Look at the description to find out what it can be used for. Click on the knot you wish to see. On the new page wait until the selected knot starts to tie itself.

DIY Fishing Gear: PVC Chum Tube - An Easy Way to Attract Fish Over And Over Again.