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  • Rodney Mason

    Saturn's Geyser Moon Enceladus Provides a New Kind of Plasma Laboratory. Recent findings from NASA's Cassini mission reveal that Saturn's geyser moon Enceladus provides a special laboratory for watching unusual behavior of plasma, or hot ionized gas. In these recent findings, some Cassini scientists think they have observed "dusty plasma," a condition theorized but not previously observed on site, near Enceladus.

  • Sarah

    Water jets on Saturn's moon, Enceladus. - A small, icy moon that orbits Saturn probably has an underground saltwater ocean, according to scientists who have found sodium in tiny ice grains that have spewed out of the moon and into Saturn's outermost ring.

  • Don't look where you fall, but where you slipped... Blessings

    ``` We who follow indigenous ways, always make offerings of copay, tobacco, song, or even a strand of our own hair in the Spirit of Reciprocity and gratefulness for all that Mother Earth provides us. This is especially important when we gather herbs for healing and ceremony. ................ ..........

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