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“Blessings be on this house,“ Granny said, perfunctorily. It was always a good opening remark for a witch. It concentrated people’s minds on what other things might be on this house.

She knows not what the curse may be,      And so she weaveth steadily,      And little other care hath  The Lady of Shalott.

Slowly she began A new life In the forest Beside the lake she knew In the search of the man of her dreams

I am he who abides in the deepest darkest woods. It is my place to be with the creatures of the forest running in the cloak of blackest night. With bow strung across my back I make my home with the Earth. I am the defender of the sacredness of nature. I am the Great God. --from The Charge of the God: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/panmankey/2013/08/the-charge-of-the-god/#disqus_thread

Herne, Lord and King of the hunt. Herne the hunter. In my Pagan spirituality, he is more than myth to me. He is my Patron God.


The Moon Goddess Hecate - Greek Goddess of the Crossroads. Hecate was the Titan who Zeus allowed to remain after the Olympians had defeated them. She was given the position of being the guardian of the households & the protector of all that was newborn.

Nimue is the beautiful daughter of Elaine and Lancelet. As Viviane's granddaughter, she is to be Lady of the Lake when Morgaine dies. She is kept in constant seclusion at Avalon, and Morgaine sees her as the ultimate weapon against Camelot. Nimue seduces Kevin in order to abduct him, but instead falls in love with him and kills herself after she betrays him.

not all witches look like fashion models.but this is another great inspiration for a festival or ritual crown

Photographer/Stylist/Accessories/Model: Jess Death

Pretty cool costume and such. However, I would HATE to get on this girl's bad side, let alone meet her in the middle of a forest at midnight (don't know what I would be doing out there, (Cool Photography Dark)

"groteleur: Irish Blessings, Curses and Proverbs >"

I don't know if she's a witch, an alchemist or a wicca or something like that but I love this photo by Ksenia Muza

dark witches

in the darkness, the light shines from within. hooded caped figure fog in forest, black white photography


Male Witch - still called witch- NOT a warlock! - warlocks were those who gave names of witches and non-witches to the witch hunters for their own personal gain - to be called a 'warlock' is great injustice to male witches.

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