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Its pastel colors are real eye catchers. They give you that look right fashion vibe that is so characteristic of fashionistas. Why would not you try again? For smurf blue or candy pink. Or add a splash of color at the base increasing.

Jackie Weyers is so beautiful. I think I try nearly all of her hair and makeup looks on my boy, but it's always a little depressing because she's like, goddess gorgeous.

Vibrant and unusual hair colors are in, as seen with celebrities like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Instead of staying with the norm, be different and choose radical colors! I would love to have hair these pastel colors. Maybe I can get the wash out stuff.

luciidkitties. YEP! that's it! This is the color I wanna dye my hair! Also with black fringe. I wish my my hair was like this..