Bikram poses

Bikram yoga, Two sets of 26 poses in 105 degree heat, 40 percent humidity for 90 minutes = quite the experience

10 morning yoga poses pin ---                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

10 morning yoga poses for an energetic start to the day

Slow burn flow- 10 morning yoga poses that will make you feel totally energized while decreasing cortisol levels for a stress-free start to the day. {it’s better than coffee for boosting your mood in the morning.

Stop Shin Splints Forever is the ultimate resource on getting rid of you Shin's pain, not only that but it will be the last one you will ever need

This is the exercise i do to get rid of my shin splints. It works great and is easy. Banish Shin Splints Forever With One Magical Exercise.gonna start doing this

Day 1 of Bikram - and occasionally a day here and there after Day 1

This is hilarious! In the bikram studio you may feel some of these thoughts pop up but once you step outside you are a new person ready to achieve everything you are faced with!

3 yoga poses for tight-rounded shoulders

The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015 (All-Time) (Peanut Butter Runner)

3 Yoga Poses for Tight, Rounded Shoulders - Peanut Butter Runner A how-to guide for 3 of the best yoga poses to unlock tight shoulders and chests.

Do your shoulders hunch over a little from working in an office? Learn how to fix tight, rounded shoulders with these simple #yogaposes

Unlocking tight shoulders and chests are something that I focus on constantly with my yoga students, CrossFitters and training clients. Rounded shoulders and tight chest muscles have become the norm in our society as we are constantly hunched over desks.

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Diet to Lose weight Fast - If you want to lose weight fast at a healthy rate then you might want to check out this Lose Weight Fast .

The 25 Golden Rules of Running - -One of the best articles I've read about running.  Lots of good info for runners of all levels.

The 25 Golden Rules of Running

The 25 Golden Rules of Running - 25 of the most universally accepted rules of running

21 Minutes to a Beautiful Back

Get rid of unsightly back fat with this intense Pilates plan -- all it takes is a little resistance. Isn't this actually the Bikram yoga sequence?


The Top 10 Benefits of Meditation - has been used for hundreds of years by individuals seeking inner peace, enlightenment and a break from the everyday stressers of life. The practice is thought to benefit the mind, body and spirit in a multitude of ways.