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  • Jess McCourt

    So true. I love a man that can use correct grammar.

  • Nikki Lawrence

    I love the grammar police.

  • Leah

    so true. one of my biggest pet peeves

  • Jessica Curry

    Amen to those who use proper grammar! This could be my number one pet peeve.

  • Crystal Kreilein

    very appropriate for the girl who has a pet peeve of gramatically incorrect text messages. BAHAHAHA. Yes, I am a grammar Nazi.

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There are pins I won't post, even if they're funny or I like them, if the grammar is incorrect! I'm that obnoxious!!!

Everyone needs a smart-assed, sarcastic friend. I'm so happy to be of service to you.

Being able to laugh at people's grammar mistakes is the only reason I keep my Facebook active!

This needs to be turned into billboards and school posters!

If you don't want to talk about it, don't post vague status updates on Facebook fishing for people to ask you what's wrong.

I hate it when people say that...even worse when you try to correct it and they refuse to believe they're wrong

  • Kelly Dawn

    OMG....I'm an English teacher and it drives me CRAZY!! It's almost like it has become acceptable. My husband's family does it all of the time....I corrected him so much he doesn't anymore.

  • Carlie Worke

    My husband says it too, only when I correct him he claims I'm wrong and says it even more. Drives me insane!

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