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Because lodging yourself between a wall and window while in the splits wearing pointe shoes is just that simple. :)<< He he I know right I think it would be good for someone who does ballet/gymnastics


Paris-based photographer Little Shao (aka Thinh Souvannarath). Awesome pics of ballet dancers bringing art into everyday casual clothes on the city streets.

Un vero mago non illude,rende magica pure te..  @bolla_bo

Un vero mago non illude,rende magica pure te.. @bolla_bo

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french ballet poster - so sweet! Would be perfect for a little girl's room.

WHY DONT THEY SELL THIS AT THE STORE!! i would totally buy it for all my friends

Dancer Coca-Cola Can- most every dancer I know doesn't drink soda

Anna - Ballerina Project

Urban spaces, unexpected dance, and gorgeous traditional exposure photography. The Ballerina Project by photographer Dane Shitagi in NYC.

☆☆》gcArte da dança

Paris-based photographer Little Shao (aka Thinh Souvannarath) unites the two in his dance-inspired photo series. His beautiful artworks depict athletic, graceful ballet dancers — many in pedestrian clothes — set in urban environments. In my dreams

Joyful! I can remember whirling in circles until I got dizzy & fell down in a giggle fit.

Remember this carefree feeling as a child? Where does this feeling go when we grow up? Why don't we wear our favorite slippers and twirl just because we are happy? This picture, to me, captures the innocence of childhood.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about learning to dance in the rain (reminds me of your duet)

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.It's about learning to dance in the rain." One of my current favorite quotes, plus a lovely ballet dancer!

Back walk-over

Great pic-withe amazing scenery in the background! people that do gymnastics are amazing and have a lot of dedication like legit i could never do gymnastics but i really appreciate yall


What dancers do with the human body is so amazing!>>> this picture just proves how strong male dancers HAVE to be. They are legit

http://johnpirilloauthor.blogspot.com/  Pretty much my favorite shot of a ballerina in pointe shoes.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Photos Of Ballerinas

Beautiful photo from AKIRA ENZERU for the Sibiu project. Dance Photography, ballet dancer, my ballerina project