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  • Kelley Switzer

    @Stacey McKenzie Jarvo True story. However it really irritates me that this does not say 'facial expressions', and also that it does not say 'My best friend and I,' ...... I should just create a new pin.

  • Alyssa Kurtz

    what is a friend quotes | ... Friend Can Communicate Just with Face Expressions ~ Friendship Quote

  • Danielle Moon

    funny best friend quotes | me and my bestfriend can communicate just with face expressions

  • Cece Jan Nickolas

    to my best friend who decided to communicate thru facial expressions, lol! sometimes we can't find the right words to say yet you already understood by heart.

  • Emily thigpen

    best friend quotes | Me And My Best Friend friendship quotes

  • Heather Thompson

    :) tee hee hee, so true " Me and my Best Friend can communicate just with face expressions."

  • darline tineo

    My sister is my best friend!!! No need for words between us just one look says it all lol

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Yes, some people really do suck. Why invite them into YOUR precious life? God gives us a finite number of days above ground. Why pollute a single second/minute/hour/day/year with a sucky person? If they were the tray that raw chicken comes in, how long could you stand to leave it in your kitchen trash? Time to kick those stinky peeps to the curb trash can for pick up, baby!

"Don't Wait for Perfection" by carmelscribe, via Flickr. Jump in and do! Just by making a start you're already miles ahead of those still too afraid of making a mistake to begin the race.

Seriously though. People are like, "Oh you didn't get it, you're so dumb." And I'd be like, "No, I got it, it just wasn't funny. You're dumb."

Yeah basically, which is sad because I hate lots of tabs open on the computer. :P Or maybe that's why I don't like it on the computer... because I already have too many open in my brain.

I love Pinterest, but I DO need to spend more time making things--especially between now and the holidays!

@Lauren Whitehurst, just keep finding em today. . . just thought while we are both at the edge and throwing over all the people that bring nothing but drama and stress into our lives, we could use a little literary support for doing so ;)

A friend will help you up if someone knocks you down. A best friend says, "Stay down. I got this." // my ladies know this!!!

This is totally correct. Describes me perfectly....except I am an adrenaline junkie, but mostly an introvert.

Republicans have long tried to drive Democratic voters away from the polls. "I don't want everybody to vote," the influential conservative activist Paul Weyrich told a gathering of evangelical leaders in 1980. "As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down." But since the 2010 election, thanks to a conservative advocacy group founded by Weyrich, the GOP's effort to disrupt voting rights has been more widespread and effective than ever.

All you need in this life are ignorance & confidence and then SUCCESS! Ashley Garrett Sarah Early Courtney Laine