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I'm Not Feeling Well Quotes


she tires to be happy, and does a good job at faking it.

inside every cynic is a disappointed dreamer. INTJ's initiative gives them a vivid idea of what the world should be like, but their judgment makes them see it as it really is.

This is very true! People nor family just think that we are heartless or even bitter. When the truth of the matter is we are just done with getting hurt by the people we cared SO MUCH FOR.

Humorous Friendship Quotes for Women

sometimes being broken

destroys you.


Neat signs Guess who the nut is!

I just can't fight for this anymore.  I just don't have it in me to compromise myself and family for the never ending lies and miserable marriage.

Realizing the truth sucks!

The people who hide their feelings usually care the most.

Never judge people who hides their feelings.

heartbreak and moving on

Hardest thing I ever had to do in my life was finally walking away.

i hate the empty feeling when you really miss someone.  Dad I wish I could sit and have just one more cup of coffee with you. My life isn't the same without you.

It hits me at the weirdest times like a wave of sadness, I miss my best friend so much =(

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a must remember for when I hang out with the pups!

@Joanna Shipe bahahaha..only you know my hateful words. take those to the grave with you :)

Here are a few ways by which you can successfully start making girl hate you.

Most of the time its on lunch at work.. I dont understand why no one effing tells you!!!

Oh my...

Especially hate it when my hair is sticking up


Best Friends It's a promise not a lable friendship quote friends best friends bff poem bff quote

It is a tragedy when it is their unfounded fear and worry from past jerks that causes it.

When Someone walk out of your life, Let them. There’s no use in wasting your time on people that leave you. What you make of yourself and your future is no longer tied to them. Yeah, you may miss them but remember that you weren’t the one who gave up.


Eventually, you stop caring. Eventually it stops being the most important thing in your life. And eventually u finally accept it's over