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  • Tracy Rabago

    another division strategy :)

  • Paula Scott

    Katie Lately: Long Division This is so cool... Also chunking!!! But, will it confuse my kids????

  • Jessica Berryhill

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Every parent teaching kids math needs to read this!!! great way to teach long division! - a great trick for those students who already get the long way. Tracking the subtraction is important in long div.

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This was suggested for long division but of course could be used to help with any alignment (adding, subtracting, or multiplying....Great idea! Long division worksheets ... free... using graph paper keeps the numbers lined up!

Today we began division. I always suck my kids in by telling them I'm going to teach them how to divide without division. They never believe me, but it doesn't take long for them to figure out where I'm going. We use multiplication to divide! After all, multiplication is way more fun than division, right? ;) P2

Division: Your students will love this division math anchor chart! This is a high resolution math division anchor chart poster (printable JPEG) of an adorable monkey to help your students remember the steps for long division.

Easy way to remember the steps of long division (Oh my goodness! I taught my kids this exact thing when they were little - Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother. ~Marty)

Long division chart--5.NBT.B.6--Find whole number quotients of whole numbers with up to four digit dividends and two digit divisors.

printable long division questions on graph paper

These worksheets provide students with a premade layout for 2 and 3 digit division. When beginning long division, students often have trouble reme...

Excellent poster for division to display in the classroom.

Division Project or Math Center *Movie Marathon* (Long Division) Engage your students in practicing "long" division (no matter what method you teach) with this 9 page project. Students get to explore the ins and outs of a movie theatre as they use their long division skills. Perfect for DIFFERENTIATION! $

SO SIMPLE - how to teach long division in 3 minutes or less Are you KIDDING ME?! How the heck did I teach long division for 5 years and never know about This?