Spaghetti Tacos | A silly mash-up of two commonplace, family dinners that entertains as it fills you up!

Spaghetti Tacos - surprisingly AMAZING - kids go nuts over these (and I like them too!)

Loaded Guacamole Vegetarian Tacos from - fresh vegetables, black beans, and crazy delicious homemade guacamole.

Spaghetti Tacos--there's a reason why I pinned this in the kids section and not the food section. I like the idea of using the bottom of a muffin tin to hold the taco shells, though.

100 days of non-processed food recipes. This website is my FAVORITE resource for whole food eating

Taco Chicken Recipe - chicken breasts marinated in taco seasoning, oregano, olive oil, salsa, and cumin - grill or pan sear and brush with a mixture of BBQ sauce and chili sauce - AMAZING! I wanted to lick my plate! Great in tacos and salads.

Nickelodeon's iCarly Spaghetti Tacos

Spaghetti Tacos – Two classics combine in this recipe, but it takes just 30 minutes to have this delicious dish dinner table-ready! Double the flavor, half the time.

chicken taco bowls

im guilty of wanting to try the icarly spaghetti tacos............their i said it!

Chicken Taco Salad. I make this all the time. My husband and I LOVE Mexican food! I typically use as many organic ingredients as possible even down to the black beans.

Spaghetti Tacos - iCarly Get taco shells. Get spaghetti (with meat sauce). Get a BIG spoon. Use the BIG spoon to put spaghetti into taco shells. Eat. Burp.

Spaghetti Tacos, I'm going to make these before a softball game sometime and invite the whole team over!

Spaghetti Tacos. Looks fun and look for Laura's Lean Ground beef to keep it healthy.

Taco Stroganoff? Why not give taco night a makeover with this fun dish!

My kids both love iCarly. As with so many others, they saw the episode where they were eating Spaghetti Tacos and begged me to make them. This was my attempt at them, and I have to say, we were all pretty impressed with them!

Quinoa Tacos