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  • Candidman

    "Life has a way of testing a persons will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once." #PauloCoelho #Inspirational #Quotes @Candidman

  • Kathleen Schoolcraft Ortiz

    (KO) A young male lion. He is watching a prey animal a couple hundred feet away, grazing. The big cat is downwind. He knows he could outrun this animal, it's not even a contest. He could have this creature on it's back in seconds, being quickly strangled to death by the long sharp teeth. A good meal for a rogue lion. No need to share with females or cubs.....but he is not hungry. He won't waste this animal for sport. He won't waste his effort unless he is hungry. He is wise. He conserves.Tomorrow.

  • EXOL!<3

    Paulo Coelho. True story!

  • Stella & Dot by Anna Blessing

    lion- King of the animals

  • Cherie Percifield

    lion of Judah.

  • Amanda Okdie

    Paulo Coelho quotes

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* * " Holy Spirit, make this day blessed. Let my tribe be not hunted by fool humans. But bless them too, for they know not what they do. ( a small number of them)."