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Young Bull Elephant at Amboseli by Billy Dodson. Help gain media $ when you like us on FB and share. Help people get informed! #ivoryforelephants #stoppoaching #elephants for #ivory #killthetrade #animals

Rhino - did you know that rhino horn is valued more than gold? Read up on what they are doing to help save this amazing creature:

Tails Of The Cityfrom Tails Of The City

Pet Sayings: An elephant never forgets

African Elephants..the beauty of them!


30 Incredible and Award Winning National Geographic Animal Photography examples

30 Award Winning National Geography Animal Photography examples

Is it the Holi Festival in India and even the elephant can not seem to escape it, or is it that he is just 'dirt-bathing' -- blowing and spraying from a pile of yellowish-turmeric-colored dirt, and having some fun doing it?

enervatedgrace: giraffe-in-a-tree: red clay elephant by ucumari on Flickr. I just really need an elephant, ok?