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  • Katelyn Himes

    Boy meets world. Favorite tv show of the 90s. :)

  • Dan Seif

    Black Nerd Rants: BOY MEETS WORLD SEQUEL?? GIRL MEETS WORLD!! #BoyMeetsWorld #BlackNerdComedy

  • Emily Rushton

    Boy Meets World. Not a movie, but my #1 favorite TV show of all time.

  • Casey Parker

    Boy Meets World. Okay, this is definitely tied with everything as my favorite thing ever. MY CHILDHOOD.

  • Tamlyn Tarango

    90s kid. BOY MEETS WORLD

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WAHHH I miss Boy Meets World SO BAD. "Bromance" is a real thing. A really, real thing.

Boy meets world. Love this show so much!

Classic. This guy was the reason I wanted long hair, and to change my name to Duncan (My Date With The Pres. Daughter).

boy meets world is hands down one of the best tv shows in history.

Boy Meets World. Shawnzie Hunterelli and T. L. Such a funny episode!

Boy Meets World. Anisa Makhoul Makhoul Makhoul Makhoul Makhoul Makhoul Gunderson this was totally me and Kendra at meijer the other day. hahaha

HAHAHA!!!! ( Our kids would actually be pretty cute... but STILL. That's my model wife/husband too xD ((Hockey = Let me take pictures of them night or day )) )

“Mom, listen, I haven’t been together with Topanga for 22 years, but we have been together for 16. That’s a lot longer than most couples have been together. I mean, when we were born, you told me that we used to take walks in our strollers together around the block. When we were two, we were best friends. I mean, I knew everything about this girl.' Love Boy Meets World.

I want a love like Cory and Topanga, a best friend like Shawn, a teacher like Feeny, a family like the Matthews, but most of all, I want Girl Meets World to hurry up and come on air so that the show I love can continue. Oh, and Disney Channel better not screw it up.

This is why my never fail answer is apples! And it worked once, while playing Catch Phrase, w/ nothing but the beep and a prayer of a right answer to win! ;)