bathroom storage and organization tips

Love the hot pink trunk for bath storage. Simplify bath storage with pieces intended for other rooms. Hang a paper-towel holder to keep a backup roll of toilet paper handy. Employ a lazy Susan so you can find lotions without having to empty the shelf.

Get a handle on the bathroom cupboards with Organize This: Bathroom Vanity via BHG

Organize This: Bathroom Vanity

I love repurposing items for use in new ways. This cupboard employs two kitchen items to organise the bathroom. Great ideas to use a lazy susan in the bathroom a paper towel holder for toilet paper.

Over the door shelf organization for a small bathroom

10 Small Space Storage Solutions for the Bathroom: Place a shelf above the door for rarely used items. A great way to get some extra storage space in a smaller bathroom.

great way to organize the medicine cabinet/closet

Practical Bathroom Storage Tips

Good Idea for our Linen Closet in the Master Bath Storage-Go-Round Use a lazy Susan to corral and organize medicines and pill bottles. Install a push-light nearby to illuminate the space and make reading the bottle labels a breeze.

Upcycle grocery bins by spray painting and organize the closet.  From The Creativity Exchange.

Organizing a Junk Closet with Cube Storage Units

Need to do to hall linen closet

Bathroom Organize -Personalize It Give each family member a personal tote. For a family bathroom, each member can store bathroom basics in a fabric or plastic tote, which can be stored in a bedroom or linen closet after use.

Cozy Closet

I could get an armoire for the living room . Store your entire wardrobe in an armoire - small space closet storage

Drop down spice rack used as medicine organizer

Drop down spice rack used as medicine organizer. Or as a spice organizer that I've never seen befor, but would totally love if I had it!