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laundry clothes care symbols

2 Important Tips for Taking Care of Cheap Clothes So They Last

laundry clothes care symbols

how to hem pants without cutting them (easiest tutorial for this technique so far)

Easy Canvas Tote Bag with Pocket. Step by step DIY Tutorial.

Remove jeans stain from purses with facial wipes.

So incredibly easy to make skinny jeans out of reg jeans. Just use a pare of skinny on top of reg insideout.... draw a line and sew. All u need to know how to do is sew a straight line can't get any better then that! This is awesome bc I hate the way skinny jeans fit, and my boot cut jeans fit perfectly!

10 DIY tips for fixing common clothing problems (runs in tights, shedding sweaters, stains, etc.) & making your wardrobe last longer.

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How to Make a Cozy Pillow Bed

Learn how to make a cozy pillow bed with this quick and easy photo tutorial - a great beginner sewing project. Perfect for reading, lounging, movie night, sleepovers and camping!

do it yourself divas: Tips on Hemming Pants With Original Hem