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6 Inspiring Examples of Groundbreaking Green Technology

This link show 6 different types of green technology that is using natural resources for energy.

Green Intelligence: Creating Environments That Protect Human Health by Professor John Wargo. In this book, he explains the origins of society’s profound misunderstanding of everyday chemical hazards and offers a practical path toward developing greater “green intelligence.”

For many people, even the question (in title) seems ridiculous. They think responsibilities are something we have only to other …

Green Cement Made From Toilets and Bathtubs May be Stronger Than Traditional Mixtures

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FixYa: Your iPod just flat-lined. Don't panic, and don't throw it. At FixYa, a team of experts and a large group of users address common tech and gadget breakdowns and how to fix them. You can get help by posting a message on the site or by having a Web chat with one of the experts

Truly Local Power: African Wind Turbines Built From Scrap

. Access:energy wants to bring a different kind of renewable energy--wind power--to Kenyans by teaching them to make their own turbines out of scrap metal and car parts.