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    Couples alarm clock. Rings that you wear for separate wake up times. The rings vibrate to wake you but not your partner --cool!

    • Nadine Pino

      Couples' alarm clock - Put the ring on your finger and it vibrates to wake you and not your partner. Not in production yet but what a GREAT idea!!!

    • Rebecca Brasher

      Couples alarm clock: rings that you put on your finger that vibrate to wake you up so that it doesn't wake up your partner. I don't know how effective it would be, but it's a great idea. Plus, the green/yellow thing would have me pretending I was in 'The Magician's Nephew'...

    • Holly Reynolds

      Couples' alarm clock - Put the ring on your finger and it vibrates to wake you and not your partner. still a concept product, but definitely want this.

    • Kris Foster

      What an ingenious idea. Couples' alarm clock - Put the ring on your finger and it vibrates to wake you and not your partner. - Click image to find more Products Pinterest pins

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