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Dolce & Gabbana | GaleríMcGrath. Y la prestigiosa make up artist ha creado un look que podríamos definir como "belleza encantada", sencillo, increíblemente favorecedor y con toda la atención en la mirada y en una piel impecable y jugosa.

Paso a paso: las tendencias del otoño que puedes llevar 365 días

Photo: ©Dolce & Gabbana The soft makeup done by Pat McGrath for the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 shows would be a beautiful look to try this season. A defined sweep of eyeliner creating a retr…

thebeautydepartment.com upside down cat eye - I REALLY like this, but it took me about a year to get down the normal "cat eye"  -  I can only imagine how long THIS STYLE will take me! lol


Maybe I can get the upside down cat eye right.because I damn sure can't get the right side up cat eye together! >>>>The upside down cat eye; why not reverse it for a dramatic effect? ::Rockabilly Makeup:: Pin Up Eye Makeup:: Eyeliner

How to Use Scotch Tape to Perfect Your Liquid Eyeliner    Im just going to do this from now on

How to Use Scotch Tape to Perfect Your Liquid Eyeliner

How to Use Scotch Tape to Perfect Your Liquid Eyeliner ~ Liquid Eyeliner Tips - Scotch Tape Tips to Perfect Your Liquid Eyeliner - Elle

Ana sentido Ana de España y no Ana de americano. Ella sentido después de julio explica corrida de toro de ella.

Having a beautiful pair of eyes is not less than a blessing for anyone. There have had been various contests of most beautiful faces, beautiful eyes, beautiful lips, beautiful bodies and so on. The winners of such contests definitely possess some spa.

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Flawless Skin, Beautiful Bright Eye, Filled in Brow, Peach Cheek, with a Pink Lip. LC's Beauty Note for Date Friendly Makeup :)