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Rufus returns his owner because she keeps having babies. #spay #neuter

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Family doesn't live in the backyard! Bring your pets inside they aren't a pet if they never come in! Love your pet❤️❤️Plus, in some states it is a crime to keep animals outside in brutal weather conditions! Your neighbors, or someone passing by, may report owners to the authorities.** Please bring your pets inside. God bless you. E.C.C.

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Adopting a dog or cat not only means you saved their life, it may mean they saved you! Give a furkid a chance and ADOPT for Christmas and furever! But please only do so if you can take on the responsibility. Nothing sadder than a rescued dog that gets returned to a shelter after being "home".

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Dog Dictionary, Leash.

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The connection between a dog and his human best friend, it's so special and unbreakable.

Right in the feels. See, this is why animals are 10x better than humans.

please spay and neuter

Smooth criminal-LOL I don't normally like the harsh language but had to pin this one lol

Adopt, Spay, & Neuter

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Best Things In Life Are Rescued

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Please, don't shop, adopt!

My grandma got me a stuffed animal that also can hold things. I unzipped the zipper and inside was a vibrator and a note. "You seemed stressed. Love ya." Thanks, Grandma