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    Adopt, Spay, & Neuter

    The connection between a dog and his human best friend, it's so special and unbreakable.

    Great Dog Quotes #great #dogs #love #words

    please spay and neuter

    Dog Dictionary, Leash.

    Please, don't shop, adopt!

    "This infographic provides a deeper look into the truth about the pit bull breed." Where do you stand on this? ~ any bad dog, regardless of breed, starts with bad owners. Love my Pit.


    Spay and Neuter your pets please!

    Pawprints left by you. So sweet. Makes me sad at just the thought of losing one of my furbabies. <3

    Spay & Neuter!!

    Family doesn't live in the backyard! Bring your pets inside they aren't a pet if they never come in! Love your pet❤️❤️Plus, in some states it is a crime to keep animals outside in brutal weather conditions! Your neighbors, or someone passing by, may report owners to the authorities.** Please bring your pets inside. God bless you. E.C.C.

    Don't be cruel.

    Am I Done Yet?

    Please spay and neuter! ♥

    Dogs make the best friends! | Dog Quote: "No animal I know of can consistently be more of a friend and companion than a dog." -- Stanley Leinwoll| Beautiful and sweet pit bull!

    Donate, Feed, Foster, Adopt, Spay, Neuter.

    Spay and neuter!!

    Absolute Truth!! #spay #neuter

    How true this is. We always adopts oldies. Means we don't always have them for long but give them the best for the time we have them. Adopt - you'll never regret it!