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A DIY Pro Shows Off Her Upgraded Pad

When we think of someone who “does it all" — and makes everyone in her orbit feel like maybe they could do it all, too — local do-gooder Katalina Mayorga instantly comes to mind. And, by the looks of her recent home renovation, she has fully earned the title of DI(A)Y goddess. (That's
  • Melissa Fox

    My life's motto: { eat well travel often }

  • Jeanie du Preez

    A DIY Pro Shows Off Her Upgraded Pad #refinery29 What is your favorite room in the house? "Our dining room has been the host to many dinner and brunch parties that always include the type of conversations that make you want to dream bigger. I think the big print we have in the dining room that says 'Eat Well Travel Often' is a main catalyst to that. When people see it, they usually say, 'I love that saying.' And, I ...

  • Gia Ink

    Eat well, travel often. Home decor poster. Black and white poster with quote.

  • Laura Henderson

    Katalina Mayorga - DIY Home Canvas- EAT WELL TRAVEL OFTEN

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This DIY pro's home is AMAZING.Found on A DIY Pro Shows Off Her Upgraded Pad by Alina Gonzalez Refinery29

Painted wood floor: fill in any large gouges or scrapes, and sand the entire floor lightly. you can use nearly any paint on the floor, but if you're concerned about it rubbing off with traffic, talk to the people in the paint store/department. you can also get clear acrylic sealer to paint over the floor once it's dried and once cured, it'll protect the paint job.

What else do you really need in life?? Maybe add "love each other... while traveling" :-) via www.MyFamilyTrave...

Mount a small curtain rod inside a cabinet or pantry. Below tack a ruler to hold the paper down. Get a roll of craft paper and ta da, you have an instant and accessible place to jot down lists, recipes, numbers, etc. Want this for the back door!!

As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract.

Wall Vase DIY. Love them and the Love sign..for the master after it's painted

Loving these AMAZING DIY Home Decor Ideas. Bright colors and bold prints look great in your home!