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Let's do this! Treat each Monday like a clean slate! A technique worth trying to getting a chalkboard for your office. Try writing down your weekly goals. It is a fun, and simple way of organizing your thoughts! Just simply wipe them away each Friday, and start again each Monday! A perfect symbol for enjoying your weekend, stress free! :)

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Yay Burst

Yay Burst by Mike Lowery is pretty self-explanatory. You feel happy and you want the world to know — wear this. You feel sad and you want to cheer yourself up — wear this. Basically, this Tattly is good for any occasion.

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Friday Quotes to Put You in a Good Mood

friday quotes | Friday Quotes to Put You in a Good Mood - Paperblog

We often think if we let go of people, or move away, or shut ourselves out from the world that our salvation will be found. There is however one thing you cannot run away from, and that is yourself.

Have a Good Friday everyone (: good luck in anyone that's taking finals or just has been having a rough week. It is now over and we can have a wonderful day, let your Friday happiness sparkle through your smile you beautiful little babes