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  • Miss K

    Be grateful. a grateful heart is a happy heart


    Start each day with a grateful heart. #quote #motivation #inspiration #quotes #sayings

  • Jessica Ferrell

    Start each day with a grateful heart. It makes a world of difference to begin each day with positive thoughts and gratitude.

  • Kimberly Parrish Baxley

    <3 Thank you, Lord, for every single day, for all of Your beautiful creations, and for Your many blessings. We are blessed that we may be a blessing to others. Give me Your eyes to see where there is need. Guide me. Thank You for helping me to be grateful in every situation... even situations that sting. Help me to learn from the sting. Give me words that I might share. For all that You are and all that You allow me to do, I am eternally grateful. <3

  • Kelsie Brown

    start each day with a grateful heart.... Remember this

  • Katie Dear

    Photo - Southern Charm

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Start each day with a grateful heart!

be thankful everyday. Please like, comment, and share! ♥

I'm so grateful for all my wonderful followers and fellow pinners.❤️

This spoke to me, louder than anything with the same information in a different format. I thank my lucky stars I have the good fortune to be able to read; buy a coffee because I feel like it, maybe even a muffin; to wake up with a roof over my head and a full stomach; to not feel hunger, pain or poverty. It scares me to think about the billions of people who are less fortunate than I,

"i will be grateful for this day" This print has helped me remember to be grateful for the next storm that comes my way.

love the different types of fonts and lower case letters for quotes - - - and I love the quote :-)

Sign... Words our society should think about a little more as we step and lie and clamor to and over everyone else to have more! Graciousness and ambition should be able to co exist!

When Life Is Sweet Say Thank You And Celebrate. When Life Is Bitter...Say Thank You And Grow.

Glinda framed sign customizable by TheHouseofBelonging on Etsy - Please consider enjoying some flavorful Peruvian Chocolate. Organic and fair trade certified, it's made where the cacao is grown providing fair paying wages to women. Varieties include: Quinoa, Amaranth, Coconut, Nibs, Coffee, and flavorful dark chocolate. Available on Amazon!