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Because I clearly have no idea what I'm doing with my face...

So happy I found this website! Professional quality makeup brushes for super cheap. You can get a full set of brushes for less than the price of only 2 MAC brushes

A Complete Picture Guide To Beauty Make Up Brushes - DIY

Makeup brushes

This is helpful.

As a beauty blogger who specializes in reviewing makeup, I think I have probably tested hundreds o...

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A lot of girls want that glowing skin but the truth is makeup can only go so far in accomplishing that. Its the canvas that matters (your natural face). night routine is to use the Clairisonic brush with Neutrogena deep clean face cleanser. It makes your face feel unbelievably fresh and rejuvenated. Use Olay night regenerist because its never too early to start preventing wrinkles. Its like a mini face lift, in the morning I wake up feeling fresh faced and naturally beautiful

The Naked pallet is a top seller, so I'm sure their brushes are equally as amazing <3

Brush Wand. I want!!!!

Didn't know weather to pin this under make-up ideas or storage so I pinned it on both!

Makeup brushes just get this bottom four brushes and the beauty blender thee are essentials

The BEST brush for bronzer! It's my secret for perfect contouring!

Which brush does what.