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Half of me want to just pin cute tumblr pics on here and half of me wants to use pinterest for its original purpose and just pin like life hacks and food lol.

cafe con crema. I salivate at this sight. It's a perfect bloom of cream in the coffee.

Thai Bubble Tea. Basic Bubble Tea: ------------------------- 1 cup brewed black or green tea or espresso 7 to 8 ice cubes 1 cup rice milk or almond milk sugar to taste 1/2 cup tapioca pearls more --> www.grouprecipes....

pizza! I mean look at all that cheese! who wouldn't want a fat cheesy thing like that! omg... I need to try to get one!

Tbh everyone I'm thinking of just quitting. Deleting this account and everything. Im not saying this for freakin attention either. I'm being legit. I love you guys.

{ Coffee by julie marie craig, via Flickr }

Perfect Friday afternoon pick me up (at La Colombe) || Jane Tarsia on instagram

#Coffee - Das passiert uns hier bei #solvino auch hin und wieder mal - vor dem ersten #Kaffee zumindest.

What a perfect way to wake up {february 14, 2013 | happy valentine's day} by {this is glamorous}, via Flickr

♂ food and drink styling photography Navettes provençales