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"Baby, don’t move, I wanna soak this in, I’ve got a new favorite memory of you.” -New Favorite Memory - Brad Paisley.

Be Beautiful Angels

You become THAT annoying couple in public and you secretly love it. | 22 Things That Happen When You Enter A New Relationship

Eeeeeeeee I wanna hold hands! What is it my sisters and I call it? Romantic hands? Hahaha....nn ho visto l ho kiamata,sn qui kn mio cugio a casa x la adsl

Un rayon de soleil dans la rosée du matin

The Notebook.

love is a letter sent thousands of times.

Un rayon de soleil dans la rosée du matin

when you need somebody...maybe a lover, or just a friend...

The Notebook will forever be my favorite romance movie and makes me cry everytime I watch it!

brunette & lovely

can't handle.

The Let Me Help You in the Kitchen, Honey Kiss ...

Wonderful photo. Couple with a bike

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling