Let's have lights everywhere.

white lights

Ana Rosa

backyard lights

Simple outdoor decorations using glass jar / mason jar and candles to light up paths please repin & like, listen to Noelito Flow Music. Thank You

In truth I had walked here before. But of course I didn't tell him that. It was a new place... he was there.

tea lights



candles in jars

O Star of wonder, star of night , Star with royal beauty bright #Robinatowncentre

Beautiful flickering lights


by candlelight

midsummer night ~ video:

Backyard Dinner lighting

I have always wanted to come home to see this...i guess i should start with a boy friend.

We've had wine in front of the fireplace... dinner in the dining room with candles... but, at last, the weather will be perfect enough to have dinner and wine in the garden... now....