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Fuck what they think!

ou não

Yay Burst by Mike Lowery is pretty self-explanatory. You feel happy and you want the world to know — wear this. You feel sad and you want to cheer yourself up — wear this. Basically, this Tattly is good for any occasion.

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To speak... To write.... To love... To live... To pray... To create... To be silent.... To try again....

is everything

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This one is going somewhere I'll see it OFTEN. A new fave to apply daily. (in giving up caffeine, in progressive steps for We GET To, in building my best me, mind, body and spirit. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


This is so true. I want to tackle life head on. I may have wasted a few years not achieving my goal of being the best me I can be, but here I am now...I AM going to be spectacular at 50!

Take your time and enjoy the little things.

make time for yourself.

Be bold

Be brave. #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship



Que Sera Sera. Whatever will be, will be! My mom always sang this to me. Reminds me of her and how much I miss her