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underwater elephant

Possibly one of the best photos of an elephant, ever.

Safari / Marcus & Kate


Polar bear

I LOVE this turtle's expression.

elephant swim


I'm coming, I'm coming!

Very Dangerous Animals If Provokes: After digging for nearly 30 minutes, this huge male grizzly decided to take a break. Rather than backing out of his hole entirely he sat down, lifted his body up and looked right at me. Although panting from all of his hard work, it looks like nothing but a huge ol' smile! Location: Girdwood, Alaska


Elefantes, los mas sabios y tiernos quadripedos de la jungla. // elephants, cute, tender and wise.

▲Elephant mama and baby.#nature #animal #elephant #mammal #mother #baby #photo

Serengeti National Park, Africa. | Pretty amazing!! #mothernature #elephant ❤️www.LHDC.com❤️


Nazroo, the 58 year old gentleman and Rajan, the 60 year old elephant both live at Radha Nagar Beach in Havelock, Andaman Islands. They've been best friends for decades.

help save the elephants so this little one gets to stay with his/her mom. She's vulnerable to poachers.

Baby Elephant Meets Sea for the First Time | Most Beautiful Pages