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You are getting sleepy... 6 Gifs Of Cats Massaging Dogs To Help You De-Stress

Queen Victoria Kittypuss

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a mother's love...i could probably watch this for hours. easily one of the most adorable things i have ever seen!

>(l)< Cronopio Melomano - nevver: Cat power

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Cat begging to be petted. (GIF)

5♦ 6♥ 7♥ 8♣ More of these adorable Japanese kitty playing cards...

For Pearluu.

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"And the moon spun round like a top, and the nearest kin of the moon, the creeping cat, looked up." - William Butler Yeats, The Cat and the Moon, 1919: Kitty Cat, Animals, Black Cats, Night, Kittens, Chat, Feline, Kitties, Photo


Cat Art Black Cat with White Whiskers Original by corelladesign, $20.00