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playful cat gif: this entertains me more than it probably should

6 Gifs Of Cats Massaging Dogs To Help You De-Stress. MY ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: This is rediculous, not only does it only have one GIF with a messaging cat, I saved it from the website & still got the silly chicken recipe with it. Don't you just love technology. Hahaha - lol

small cat eyes kawootchiwoochiwoooo

≧^◡^≦ #blackcatsrule @blackcats_rule fb smoky.blackcatsrule

AWWW. I will pin this for YOU tiny dancing cat. FOR YOU.

I've never had a cat, but they sure make for some precious photos!

Mil Gifs!from Mil Gifs!

Amor de madre

Animated gif - Kitty is restless, gets hug from mom. Arggg to much cuteness. My heart... It's meeeeltinggg

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22 Signs You Suffer From Cute Aggression

Your heart just skipped a beat when that little guy just plopped. | 22 Signs You Suffer From Cute Aggression

FACTOID: James Mason, a British actor, owned several Siamese cats and several rescued cats. Together, they wrote a book, " The Cats In Our Lives " in 1949.