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Segmental heterochromia in my left eye but not as pronounced as this

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☆If you leave then I'll be afraid of everything☆

I always feel like people on here think I'm annoying so I gradually stop talking to people who I used to be really close with & then I sometimes end up never talking to them again which is really sad but I can't push myself to realize that it's rude to do that so I end up being that one person who everybody secretly talks about in different messages :-(((

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The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within. • Rainer Maria Rilke

Athena Marie Townsend: Brown hair, green eyes, 5'11, 18, twin to Marcus, younger sister to Daniel, namesake of Athena Cortland Past: grew up in the company of her father, Shane and his attendees, Present: has become a barrier between her father and Marcus, finally decides to switch sides when she sees what Marcus is capable of..