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"You make me blush" designed by Jessica Bruggink, • Written by MacKenzie Geidt,

"As your love in wave after wave crashes over me, crashes over me. For you are for us and you are not against us." -You Make Me Brave, Bethel Music and Amanda Cook | I love this song! ❤️

Actions speak waaaaay louder than words. People only realize it when they are in the situation themselves.

i read this and i can only think for my love for #NiallHoran !!! and #harrystyles !!!!! because it has their name written all over it

Meraki Lanefrom Meraki Lane

25 love quotes

If you've found the perfect valentines day card for your perfect valentine, but can't find the right words to express exactly how you feel about him or her, this collection of 25 love quotes is just what you need. I love all of these, but I especially love Marilyn Monroe's quote (the last one)!


i got your back

Designed by Minna So, • Written by Evany Thomas,

BLACK + WHITE l #NEB #NoiretBlancConcept #blackandwhite #style #fashion #quote