The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.

shopping beats therapy

Accurate. But this applies to anyone in my opinion. Men and women.

True story!

Where did all your money go? I'm wearing it. #shopping #quote #shopaholic #addicted | every girls' problem


Just let me shop....

So true! Degrading shows your weakness because you can't argue like an adult. Have to go back to high school days where you didn't think before you speak.


how can you turn your "mess" into a message that continually gives back to you and others. be empowered in every moment on how you see everything.

so true!

Most men aren't smart enough to realize that the higher you elevate your woman, the less available she is for other men.

SO VERY TRUE. Take time to learn the love language of those you love, so you can show your love, and feel their love as well.


How true!


Shopping Is Always A Good Idea...Always

:/ v true

A passionate woman is worth the chaos. Yes. She. Is. <3 :)