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    Be Fit Motivation

    • Claire LaJeunesse

      SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD SO SHE DID - TRIANGLE by Allyson Johnson Art Print / LARGE (22" x 27") $45.00

    • Princess Bonnie

      Kara, I've always told you can accomplish anything in your life, as long as you have set a goal and work hard to accomplish it! Your graduate project "Thesis" was approved because of all your hard work and most importantly, you believed in yourself. You chose to complete your Parkinson's project despite it not being the easiest project to complete or the safest bet. For that, I'm truly proud of you. Congrats, my brown-eyed girl! Always remember you can do anything.... Love Mom xoxo

    • Andrea Quiroga

      SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD SO SHE DID - TRIANGLE Art Print by Allyson Johnson | Society6

    • Luda Svystunova

      She believed she could so she did. #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #startup

    • Kim W


    • Jensen Adair

      //Positive thoughts//

    • Desireé Frain

      #inspiration #quotes

    • Maritza Dantas

      Be Fit Motivation

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    Yes there is. It's called prostate cancer Jobs. Breaks my heart.

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    A great question. Things. Wonderful Things.

    Raw Sugar Inspiration---Bobbi Brown Cosmetics #RawSugar

    Get your dose of cute and inspiring quotes at


    Raw Sugar Inspiration---Bobbi Brown Cosmetics #RawSugar

    "She is quick and curious and playful and strong" - Kate Spade FROM: 54 Pretty Pink Posters and Quotes @styleestate

    Start somewhere. #Quotes

    Dream big, or don't dream at all. There's a difference between having a dream, and having a goal. Goals are like stepping stones, dreams are like diving off of a cliff. Don't live a mediocre life, setting goals that you know you will reach. Have a dream that takes you somewhere unexpected.

    change hurts, being comfortable is a band aid, going through the motions is suffocating.

    I hope that my kids say this about me one day... My mom was a woman I aspired to be as a child. I only hope to live a life they admire. ♥

    lose the excuses! they don't get you any closer to your goals

    " I can and I will, watch me" - Live by this quote everyday to ensure you are doing all that you can! Be inspired and motivated daily. #STOpitcyberbully

    Raw Sugar Inspiration---Bobbi Brown Cosmetics #RawSugar


    Think less, Live more. Inspiring quotes that tell us one thing: It's your life after all! Live it. Tap to see more. Inspirational life quotes. - @mobile9

    She believed.

    You think that I'm the perfect optimistic girl who has no struggles in life and has been handed a silver spoon. But I'm not. Sometimes it's hard to even get out of bed in the morning because of the memories and the fact that that's all they are: moments of the past. But I keep going. Because that's what he would have wanted.

    always look on the bright side of life +++For more inspirational quotes about #life, visit