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10 Inspirational Quotes To Live By Starting Over Spring Break | Her Campus

Oh-so Happy! #positive #wellbeing inspirational quotes #health #happiness #inspiration #motivation #inspiration #dreamoutloud #happy #dream

Society6from Society6

The Future is Bright – Pink & Gold Art Print by Cat Coquillette

so bright

mind over matter tattoo - not normally a fan of words for a tattoo but I like this

How empowering is this statement? I am the creator of my destiny. But along with that, I am the creator of everything in my life....the good and the bad. The dark and the light. I am responsible for it all. And therefore, I have the power to change it.

"Just sitting here on the corner of awesome & bombdiggity." #Quotes :) #stylerunner #style #love #inspiration

True (: Tonight's meet went SO well! I read my work (with barely a stumble, and even put some expression in the dialogue!) and everyone liked it so much they insisted I kept reading!! Blown away by the feedback! Got to push on and get this manuscript done so it can go out into the world!! :D