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I am getting fit for me... but it feels so good to feel invincible... so I share it with others!

I love that feeling after a tough run or a challenging workout.

This is so true. When i first started working out, and having a healthy lifestyle it was a pain. Now it comes natural. Im more energetic, happy! I feel horrible on days that I DONT work out on now.

Reasons To Be Fit: 'cause I like that "HELL YEAH" feeling after finishing a tough workout.

to me...

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Dear body...


Just keep your mind on your health goals. Not the latest fad diet or what you want to look like.

Workout motivation


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Reasons to be Fit

Texas Fit Chicks: Texas Fit Chicks Fitness Motivation

Feel sore not sorry.

<3 amen!

reasons to be fit

Working Out

Working Out Makes Me Feel...